Drunk İstanbul

drunk istanbul portfolio

Website: Drunk İstanbul Menu

Project Overview:

Drunk İstanbul is a popular restaurant in the heart of Istanbul, offering an exquisite dining experience with a diverse menu and a vibrant atmosphere. As their digital partner, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a comprehensive project to enhance their online presence and provide a seamless dining experience through a QR menu.

Services Provided:

Restaurant Website Development:
Designed and developed an enticing restaurant website for Drunk İstanbul, reflecting the establishment’s unique ambiance and culinary offerings. Created an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing visitors to explore the menu, location, and other essential details.

QR Menu Integration:
Integrated a dynamic QR menu into the website, enabling customers to access the restaurant’s menu directly from their smartphones. Ensured a user-friendly interface for an effortless and interactive menu browsing experience.

Website Content Writing:
Crafted engaging and mouthwatering content for the restaurant website, enticing visitors with delectable descriptions of the dishes and drinks offered. Captured the essence of Drunk İstanbul’s culinary artistry and ambiance to entice customers to dine at the restaurant.


Our collaboration with Drunk İstanbul has resulted in an immersive digital platform that showcases the restaurant’s offerings and elevates the dining experience for patrons. The aesthetically appealing website has effectively conveyed the restaurant’s unique ambiance and culinary expertise to potential customers, attracting both local residents and tourists. The QR menu integration has provided a convenient and hygienic dining solution, allowing customers to explore the diverse menu directly from their smartphones. The engaging and enticing content has played a significant role in enticing customers to indulge in the delectable dining experience offered by Drunk İstanbul.