Libra Law Alanya

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Website: Libra Law Alanya

Project Overview:

Libra Law Alanya is a reputable law firm based in Alanya, providing legal services to individuals and businesses. As their digital partner, I had the privilege of collaborating on a comprehensive project to establish a professional online presence and effectively communicate their expertise to potential clients.

Services Provided:

Business Website Development:
Designed and developed a professional and user-friendly business website for Libra Law Alanya, highlighting their legal practice areas and services. Ensured an intuitive navigation system for easy access to relevant information.

Law Website Creation:
Established a dedicated law website section to provide comprehensive insights into the firm’s legal practice areas, attorney profiles, and successful case studies.  Tailored the design and content to address the specific needs of potential clients seeking legal representation.

Google Business Profile Setup: 
Set up and optimized Libra Law Alanya’s Google Business profile, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for potential clients searching locally. Utilized Google Maps and local search optimization to increase the firm’s online visibility within the Alanya region.

Website Content Writing:

Crafted compelling and informative content for both the business website and the law website section, showcasing Libra Law Alanya’s legal expertise, accolades, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Developed clear and concise call-to-actions to encourage visitors to reach out for legal consultations.


Our collaboration with Libra Law Alanya has led to the establishment of a robust online platform that effectively represents the firm’s legal services and expertise. The professional and user-friendly business website has allowed potential clients to access essential information effortlessly, enhancing their experience with the firm. The dedicated law website section has provided a deeper insight into the firm’s practice areas, building trust and credibility among visitors seeking legal representation. Additionally, the optimized Google Business profile has improved the firm’s visibility in local search results, resulting in increased inquiries and potential client engagements.