Halil Sahin

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Pelin Sahin

Pelin Sahin is a driven professional and valuable asset at Digital Guide, currently pursuing her Masters at the University of Milan. As a Bocconi University graduate in International Economics and Management, she brings a comprehensive understanding of global markets to her role. 

Responsible for operational and organizational matters, Pelin’s expertise ensures streamlined processes and exceptional efficiency. With her dedication and academic prowess, she is poised to make a significant impact on the success and growth of the company.

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Yunus Unlu

Yunus Ünlü embarked on an intriguing journey at the intersection of art and technology during his university years. Known as a graduate of Ted University’s Faculty of Engineering in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he delved into the world of design through t-shirt printing particularly during his college days, while nurturing his passion for cartoon drawings from childhood. He made his mark in the digital realm with logo and digital content designs.

In the realm of electrical and electronics, he extended his expertise to lighting and sensor design projects, combining his engineering knowledge and artistic vision. Through this fusion of technical proficiency and creative aptitude, he showcased how technology and art could harmoniously coalesce, demonstrating how diverse disciplines could enrich one another. His narrative doesn’t merely encapsulate an engineering graduate; it also highlights him as an individual who pushes the boundaries of art’s power and creativity.

His story unfolds as a testament not only to his engineering accomplishments, but also as a tribute to his unwavering determination in pushing the limits of artistic expression and creative innovation.